Business news - Jan 2023

Marketing Projects

Here at IMG, we have currently some very interesting marketing projects underway.


One is to help with the after effects of brexit and to encourage Britons to purchase more UK made or grown products.


Another is a project to help the Devon economy grow after the Co-vid problems and the downturn effect this had on Devon as a tourist county, with loss of jobs and income.


New project for 2023 is to help develop and market a new Herbal health drink to compensate the effects of alcohol on the body.  This will be launched in July, hopefully in time for Summer!

Also for the coming year, 2023, we shall be working on a shopping website for growing and promoting local businesses in the Teignbridge area. 


If you have any news you wish to share about your business please let us know. Also if you would like to have reciprocal links to your own website, please ask.

New small Businesses in the area


Latest small biz addition to Teignmouth area is 'Mac Wiz' specialising in teaching all the necessary info to get the best out of your i phone, tablets and computers.

Operated by John Walker and offering at home lessons or via Zoom.  April 23


New Delicatessen opened in Teignmouth


To all our readers, Clive and Zac from Teignmouth fudge have now opened their new business venture, The Bakehouse delicatessen in the Triangle. Specialising in Pasties and other food interesting food snacks...b esides what they call proper roasted coffee.


It has a been a lot of hard work, not only conforming to all the new food regulations abut also getting all the shop equipment up and running from  bake off ovens to their superb Italian coffee machine. We have tested and can recommend that the coffee is some of the best we have tasted..and wish them sucess. April 23

Businesses we can recommend


April 23 - Recently I was enjoying a well deserved cup of coffee at my desk, but my laptop took umbrance when I spilled it all over the keyboard!!  Dried it out but the space bar and some keys did not function.  Oh no, I thought another unexpected cost.


As I have seen the Teign Geeks computer shop on numerous occcasions when I have left Wetherspoons, I called in and asked if they could help repair.


They took a look and within a day had come back to me with a quote to install a new keyboard.

Even with it being Easter the keyboard arrived over the weekend and on Tuesday they had my laptop up and running within a few hours.  The cost... less than a 6th of a new laptop price!


So Teign Geeks, many thanks and keep up the good work.