Our serviced offices

Serviced office for your business


Working from  home is never easy and often you need an office for a short period to help with business plans or meeting with clients.  But a small business does not want to take on a long lease with all the set up fees and running costs involved for an office.


We are able to offer a serviced office, for hire, which you can book for a day or two each week or a month or.... more!  It depends on your business needs.  Everything is included (Wi-fi, power, heating, etc) and you have a vat invoice for your own accounts.


Monthly Prices start at: £325 per month for standard 2-4 person office or £395 for the Large 6 person office.


December 2022: update

At this time Main offices are Fully Booked.  We only have available an office for pre-booked regular days each week.  This is very suitable for consellors, consultants or therapists.  It has Internet connected computer with Skype installed for virtual meetings.  You can invite customers to join a meeting and there is no need for them to be signed up to Skype.


Daily hire rate for pre-booked weekly or monthly dates available on request. 

If you just need an office space for a day or two?

We also have a hot desk area with intranet connected Computer, Scanner and Printer for clients to use and check emails. 


Perfect for the small business person needing a few hours of peace and quiet each week to do the vat return or plan the next project.

Can I meet with my clients at the offices?

Yes:  We have the meetings/interview room, suitable for approx 6 people.  This is wifi connected for clients convenience.   You can book by the half day. £25


You can hire a serviced office by the week or month. This is ideal for the small business that does not want the expense of leases and all the service costs involved.


We supply a tax deductable Invoice for the periods you require.