Starting your own business?  It can be quite a challenge! We are here to help and guide you though the possible pitfalls to your new business or concept.

   Marketing Advice, Promotion & PR  

                         for your small Business

and help for small businesses... with a serviced or virtual office so you can grow your business without all the running costs of a fixed office lease

You can also speak with us 'face to face' in person or with a virtual chat on Skype or Zoom.

Our team have, between them, over 40 years of experience in business management marketing and PR, so you can be assured of the best advice and guidance from people who have been been in business for themselves and discovered all the problems and pitfalls so that you do not!


Planning for your business... 

...we can offer our experience to create a business plan for your new or existing business. Or should you need guidance to create a business plan for your bankers.


Marketing for your business...

...we offer all the marketing disiplines including social media to get your new or existing business to the market place and in front of customers.


Design for marketing your particular product or services...

...we offer modern design concepts for your product packaging, brochures (both in print or online) website design for todays smart phones.,


Public Relations Guidance for your product launch...

...we can offer guidance and assistance in utilising the local media of print, radio and internet platforms.


Design and final artwork for printed brochures or website...

...we can offer finalised artwork for your printer or webmaster.


Print Management for your business...

...we can offer you a very competitive print service, as we work in association with a Plymouth printer partner


Our print partner,  has all the latest technology and machinery to create all the products that you would need.  Anything from  Brochures, Food  labelling, specialist forms, or incentive products.   Plus being based in the West of England our printers do not charge big city prices!



Business news - 2024

Marketing Projects

We have currently some interesting marketing projects underway.


Latest project is to help develop and market a new Herbal health drink to compensate the effects of alcohol on the body.  This will be launched in June, hopefully in time for summer season.


For the coming year, 2024, we shall be working on a shopping website site for growing and promoting local businesses in the Teignbridge area. 'I shop local'

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