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Summer is here!

Posted on 24th June, 2022

Much has been happening in Teignmouth.


Speaking to other business owners, the number of visitors has increased greatly. Perhaps this is also due to the flight problems to get overseas??

But it is our gain, and long may it last.


The only downside is that more people who visit, they want to buy here to have as second homes rather than come and live with us?

Look forward to summer

Posted on 26th April, 2022

At long last, the pandemic seems to have abated.  Businesses in the town are enjoying a renaissance with tourists and locals alike going to the cafes, pubs and restaurants once again!


For our own business, we have found that there is once again interest in having a quiet place to work. THis has increased the enquiries for office space on an ad hoc basis. To try and cater for this we have introduced another few desks with computers, so that the self employed working from home can come and have a quiet place to work...sans children and pets!!

Nice to be busy again!

Posted on 16th December, 2021

Well, the past few months have been busy with Consellors and consultants meeting with their clients.  It is nice to see this after the closures of Co-vid and the difficulties to meet people face to face.


It would be nice to assume that the flow of the past few months would continue, but as I write this blog, there is already talk of lockdown once again!!


Let us hope that it is only talk!!

Business increasing again

Posted on 28th September, 2021

Welcome to our new Blog page.   Covering local Devon news that affects small business, Therapists and retailers.


Since the start of the pandemic, a lot of normal business was not possible. Particularly for our Wellness therapists, who require face to face meetings for various therapies.


We are very pleased to say that things are getting back to normal at long last, with clients now able to meet Therapists once again in our wellness studio.  So, lots of happy clients....and Therapists!.


For our virtual office side, this was not at the top of the list as many small businesses worked from home, unable to collect mail or meet their own clients in our meetings room. Now once again Small business and the self employed are again able to use our virtual office, hot desk and meetings room services.


Wish all business clients a continued growth and lots of success.